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Clinical study and drug test depend on volunteer participation. Both healthy subjects and patients with specific health conditions are important to clinical study as we need to investigate the profile of drugs in different populations. We have set up a clinical study volunteer registry to maintain a database of potential volunteers for future clinical studies.

If you are interested to participate in clinical study, please spend 5-10 minutes to register in our online registry and enroll as a potential volunteer of future clinical studies. Your profile will be screened based on the information you provide and suitable subjects will be contacted for upcoming studies.

You may watch the two animations below to learn more about procedures in clinical studies.

For enquiry, please contact Phase 1 Clinical Trial Centre (Tel : (852) 3505-3377 / Email :


<<Clinical Trial Procedure (1): From Registration to Screening>>

<<Clinical Trial Procedure (2): Post- screening Procedures>>

The CUHK Faculty of Medicine is now seeking healthy Chinese volunteers for a clinical study of a medication – PEG-IFN alfa-2a.

What is the purpose of the study?
PEG-IFN alfa-2a (also known as Pegasys®) is used in more than 130 countries worldwide for the treatment of infections caused by the hepatitis B or C viruses. The purpose of this study is to test whether the body processes a new formulation (recipe) of PEG-IFN alfa-2a similarly to how it processes Pegasys. We also hope to learn whether this new recipe is as safe as Pegasys.

Who are we looking for?
Chinese volunteers aged 18 to 65 years old who are healthy based on a screening evaluation.

What is your responsibility during the study?

  • Come to the hospital for screening
  • Visit the study centre on a regular basis
  • Undergo assessments including giving blood samples
  • Stay at the study centre for two nights on two of the study visits
  • Your participation will last for up to 18 weeks

What are the risks?
The study treatment may cause some side effects. The following side effects were experienced by more than 5% of healthy volunteers who received Pegasys in previous studies: Skin irritation at the injection site, headache, flu-like symptoms, bruising, back pain, congestion of the nose, muscle pain, bruising at the injection site, localised inflammation, eye pain, dizziness, nausea, joint pain.

How to participate?
Please contact Clinical Pharmacology Studies Unit at 2632-3377 (9am to 5pm) for details.

Please provide the following information:


Personal Data Collection Statement

The personal information provided in this form will be used by the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong for the purpose of clinical study volunteer registration. The personal information will not be transferred to other external parties for purpose as stated above.

Your participation in the volunteer registry is entirely voluntary. The information you provided for the registry will be kept to determine if you are suitable for future studies. However, if you decide you are no longer interested in being contacted for future studies, you may withdraw your participation at any time by sending email to

Under the provision of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, applicants have rights to request access to, and to request the correction of, their personal data. Applicants wishing to access (Please download the "Data Access Request Form" at ) or amend their data should submit written requests to: For the University's policy on collection of personal data, please visit here:


Applicant's Declaration:

I do not want to receive any information about volunteer recruitment for clinical trial from our center, please click the box on the left hand side

I have noted, understood and agreed to the contents of the Personal Data Collection Statement.  


A clinical study is a scientifically designed study on human subjects which aims to gather safety and/or efficacy data on specific biomedical or behavioral interventions. Every year, hundreds of clinical studies are being performed at the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. All these clinical studies are approved and monitored by an independent ethics committee to safeguard the rights, safety and well-being of study participants.
Healthy volunteers are important in clinical research. Many of our studies are performed to investigate the absorption, metabolism, and elimination of drugs in human bodies. Volunteers in absence of any known diseases would be needed to get the most accurate data. In some studies, healthy volunteers would be needed to help us define the dose. Research with healthy volunteers is designed to develop new knowledge, not to provide direct benefit to study participants.
Phase 1 study is an important step of clinical research. Usually a small group of study subject is recruited in phase 1 studies for investigating the dosage range in correlation with the drug level in blood and for identifying the safety profile of study drug.
Each study will test on different drug(s). Your research doctors and nurses will also explain to you about the study drug and the potential side effect(s).

Each study will have specific study procedures.

An information sheet will be provided to you and your research doctors and nurses will explain to you on the details.

Study procedures will be carried out only after you have agreed to participate and signed the patient informed consent form.

Your research doctors and nurses will give you study drug(s) and explain to you about the study drug(s).

During the study, you will be followed up closely by a group of experienced research doctors and nurses to ensure your safety.

Usually blood sampling is involved in the studies.

You may need to stay in the Centre for a specific period of time (eg. 24 hours) depending on the study design.

The study period varies depending on the study protocol. Your research doctors and nurses will explain the details to you.
Monetary compensation will be arranged for your time and inconvenience related to study. Your research doctors and nurses will explain the details to you.
Yes. You can quit anytime if you do not want to continue participating in the study.

Please select studies you are interested in:

Hepatitis drug Pegasys